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You may wonder why the title of this publication is “NAPS Wake Up Call.” Well the idea came from a friend who stated to me. “EAS employees better wake up and smell the roses!” The Postal Service tends to take advantage of EAS, because they are so busy keeping up with the craft contract and their day-to-day duties and responsibilities they seldom think about their own rights. That is until they are facing a corrective or adverse action.”

This publication is information compiled from the collective references of U S Postal Service Manuals, Letters accumulated from the NAPS Consultative process; minutes from the National NAPS Executive Board meetings, general inquiry responses and articles from the Postal Supervisor Newsletter.

The Wake Up Call is dedicated to all NAPS members and it is my hope that everyone reading this booklet is a member!

Marilyn J. Walton NAPS Western Region


Marilyn's February 2019 Blog

"If you know better you will do better" Maya Angelou

In honor of Black History month, I honor one of my favorite poets the late Ms. Angelou. Hope you have an opportunity to reflect on the many contributions African Americans have shared through Education, Law, Politics, The Arts, Science and numerous inventions that help to make America a great society! There is a rich history to reflect on, that is why February is designated Black History Month!

Review of EAS position requirements:  “An EAS is required to follow all Official Postal Policies and ensure a safe and harassment free working environment for employees and peers. What an EAS is not required to do is use their personal vehicle or personal cell phone on or off the clock for work!”

Several years ago, I was at a NAPS Executive board meeting and we were honored to welcome PMG Brennan to our meeting at which she shared the status of the Postal Service at the time. As always there were questions and answers.  The subject of Supervisors being required to provide their personal cell phone number to their manager?  The PMG response was “cell phones are a great convenience”. Having said that her comment was that it is the decision of the EAS to give management their personal cell numbers it is not a mandate or requirement!

Regarding the use of your personal vehicle for work, the agency will not ensure your vehicle if you use it for Postal business! The NAPS web site naps.org has reference letters regarding Use of Personal vehicle for work.

Workplace Bullying - There are daily challenges facing Postal Managers and Supervisors. There are reports and deadlines that "must" be done and on time! It's a new year take time to get a paper or electronic calendar and list the "must get done by date" so you can see where you are and if you are falling behind. Be up front with your manager and ask for help verbally and on e-mail. NAPS is being notified that managers particularly on the MPOO level are visiting offices and instead of coming to help, support and provide training feel it is more motivating to get in their subordinate’s face and yell, threaten, and promise disciplinary action if the EAS does not magically increase or reduce a score on a designated goal, or instantly complete a report! NAPS position on “The Bully by Negative Motivational technique” is in direct conflict with the Violence in the Work place letter with USPS! We are requesting any EAS that feels emotionally and physically (getting in your space) threaten notify your local NAPS officer, elevate to your state NAPs and then up to the NAPS Area VP. Make sure the incident(s) are memorialize in writing, place, date time, length of discussion any witnesses and tone of discussion. I have provided Incident forms that can be used to report "abuse"! EAS are mandated to treat craft with respect the same goes with management Peer to Peer!

Involuntary Reassignments - On our naps.org web page there is an Involuntary Reassignment letter signed by Megan Brennan, PMG. The letter lists business reasons why a temporary reassignment may be needed. A weekly rescheduling of a supervisor’s work schedule and start time is a staffing scheduling issue that needs to be address ASAP. EAS should have a "reasonable" expectation of a stable work schedule. If management needs to make a permanent change based on needs of service, they should be communicating the business reason for the proposed change and an enough notice for those impacted and opportunity to bid. If the reassignment is temporary it should be tracked on a 1723 that includes a start date and end date.

Supervisor Stamp Stock Emergency Transfers -In last month’s blog we address emergency procedures for stock transfers when the main stock supervisors are ill and unavailable. Donna Flaherty, President Denver NAPS Branch 65 provided additional information on the subject: “Anyone who has the Master stock should have completed several PS3977 Envelopes on each envelope 2 witnesses are chosen One should contain the safe combination, one has their password, one with any keys needed to access the stock. ALL PS 3977s should be kept in a safe compartment (clerk safe) that the holder of the Master stock and the. manager/ postmaster has a key to access. In some cases, all PS 3977’s for the clerk's password and duplicate key (each in separate envelopes) may be accessible by the Lead Associate and the holder of the Master stock. The witnesses on the PS 3977 should be used in anyone's absence”.

Legislative Training Seminar (LTS) - scheduled for March 10-13, 2019 at the Marriott Crystal Gateway, Arlington VA Room rates are $270.00 plus tax. Hotel Reservations must be made directly with the hotel 1-877-212-5752. The LTS room rate black expires on February 14, 2019. LTS Seminar Registration is $225 and must be confirmed online. The registration fee is $300.00. There will be no LTS registration or payment accepted after February 22nd. We have a lot of work to do on Capitol Hill there are over 100 new Congressional Representative to visit. Hope you can make plans to join us. Make your Congressional appointments before you leave home and coordinate with your local and state NAPS Legislative Representative. Hope to see you next month in Washington DC.

In Solidarity,