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What’s new in NAPS?

Message # 1

The Postal Service following consultation with the management associations (NAPS, NAPUS, LEAGUE)  has decided to grant a one percent salary increase for nonbargaining employees whose fiscal year (FY) 2014 Pay for Performance (PFP) National Performances Assessment (NPA) composite ratings fall in either cells 2 or 3 of the current PFP Matrix.  For a copy of this letter check the naps.org web site!

“The Postal Service’s unprecedented  financial challenges continued throughout FY2014.  The efforts of our supervisory, managerial, Postmaster, and all nonbargaining employees contributed toward the high quality service we rendered successfully to our customers.  This one percent increase for eligible employees whose composite ratings fall in either Cells 2 or 3 for FY 2014 recognizes those efforts.  There is no other change to the 2014 PFP matrix.”

This exception is nonprecendential and applies only to the FY2014 PFP program.  As discussed. we will meet early in January 2015 to consult over potential modications to the PFP Matrix for FY 2015.

This letter was signed by Doug A. Tulino, VP

USPS Labor Relations

Message # 2


NAPS Executive Board,

Attached are notices that will be mailed to active and former employees who had DOL/OWCP information in the Postal Service network that may have been compromised in the cyber intrusion. While the USPS cannot confirm that the subject information left our network, the possibility cannot be ruled out.  The various letters cover different circumstances.  A brief explanation of those different circumstances is attached.  The mailing will begin today and will be completed by Wednesday, December 17. Please distribute this information to your members.

NAPS Headquarters

Say Adieu to NAPSHQ2U ! (Farewell)

NAPSHQ2U started in September 2010. However, our reach has hit a plateau of membership interest. Much of the information we share in the monthly NAPSHQ2U newsletter is also available on our NAPS website and in The Postal Supervisor magazine. Therefore, to reduce redundancy of information, but also guide and encourage members to visit our newly designed NAPS website. NAPS HQ elected to retire NAPSHQ2U after our December 2017 issue.

NAPS HQ thanks you for being a part of this very unique and fun online newsletter. It has been a great seven year run. Please visit the newly designed www.naps.org.

Read the full story here: Word   Pdf

NAPS News Break, Oct 24, 2018

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